Reeds and winter branches, Groby Pool

Reeds and winter branches, Groby Pool. Mixed media. Vivien Blackburn

A quick sketch of that filigree of tangled branches and reeds against the water, done in acrylic paint, ink, biro and pencils. It was COLD!


Billie Crain said…
You sure captured the moment, Vivien.:) I can feel the cold from here. I admire your eye for beauty in all the dreariness.
vivien said…
thanks Billie :>)
dinahmow said…
Cold maybe, but I love it.
Take a look at this on somebody else's blog where they've got the image coming up. The widget crops in still further and I think I like it even better - maybe because (as discussed last night) it becomes slightly less real and a bit more abstracted?

I'd love to see you do more like this - you obviously have a thing for tangles!
vivien said…
Dinah and Katherine - thanks :>)

Yes, I like it cropped tighter too Katherine - and on a large canvas :>) and more abstracted

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