The Crowns Botallack, stage 2, work in progress, mixed media on canvas


details, mixed media on 20x16 inch canvas, work in progress (below right)

Here it is in progress, hanging next to Saltmarsh.

I decided not to keep the background white but keep closer to the original sketch and more natural colours. The blue really was that blue - it is a natural colour there on a good day - honestly! See my photographic evidence here :>) The border and sides are now black. I took some of the black into the painting in line form, not all the 'drawing' in it is black but where it is, it links to the border well.

The water around the rocks is greener in reality - that beautiful milky turquoise green that water, full of air bubbles, around rocks turns.

Lots of things still need tweaking and pushing - so all is subject to change :>)

The mine buildings are made of stone and blend into the cliffs, looking almost as if they grew there naturally, not standing out at all - I want to keep this and catch their strength/fragility - heavy stone but so vulnerable perched there on the steep cliffs.

The mine tunnels went several miles out under the sea and the miners would hear the rocks grinding on the sea floor just feet above their heads in storms. The walk, down a narrow path along the steep cliffside to the engine house in a gale would be fearsome in itself - and then to hear the rocks and wild sea just above you ???

It's beautiful now but the area was polluted with spoil tips, arsenic and other toxic debris when the mines were active.


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