Saltmarsh update - mixed media experiment

Saltmarsh, work in progress, Vivien Blackburn

This is where the canvas now is.

I've sent that middle building back a bit, changed the colour of the border from a turquoise based blue to a mauvey one and introduced that into the painting.

I've brought the light colour into the sky to silhouette the trees.

I've collage a little more texture into the sand with tissue paper.

I've flicked little bits of paint for gravel and leaves.

I've worked on the way your eye follows the lines of the wet mud/sand etc through and up.

You can see stages and close ups below:

I'm thinking of adding the faintest traces of copper in the trees and the bush in front of the building on the left - just a hint of a warm colour.

I won't be able to work on it for a couple of days now as I'm teaching extra hours, so it can sit on my desk while I think about where next.

Any thoughts?


This is looking great. Really like the palette esp the blue. The texture is hard to appreciate in the photos, maybe take one with a raking light.
Robyn said…
I'd love to be able to get up close to see the texture in this, Vivien. I think your later choice of colour around the edge works beautifully, softening our progress into the painting. Very lovely.
vivien said…
after a crit night with friends last night I realise I need to change the edge colour Robyn! watch this space .... it's going to change drastically!

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