New Year and a New Blog

From Cape Cornwall. copyright Vivien Blackburn

Inspired by Anita who has started a blog where she intends to take a photo a day, I decided to set up a photography blog for the new year. Another friend intends to start one - but I'll leave her to tell you when she gets it up and running :>)

I've got an archive of thousands of photographs of landscape, the coast and objects that interested me. Occasionally I put them on here but there are too many. The new blog will be a mix of old and new work.

You can find it here if you are interested :>) Through the Lens


I couldn't resist posting this.
I have just completed my year - 2009 - of an image every day - 365 of them. It was quite a commitment but I made it. I have also created an AV of some of them - 'Through my camera,s eye'.
It became very diverse and surprising what caught my eye. Sometimes I was so pleased I was so into textile work which provided a lot of texture images.
It also helped to be really into photography going out for photo shoots and studio shoots.I love macro photography.
I had to diary a couple of weeks when we were in Florida so that I still had an image every day and knew which was which.
Anyway - good luck with the project to you and your friends.
vivien said…
I've followed your textiles and photos with pleasure Shirley :>)

Do you have a link to the AV?
dinahmow said…
Hello, Vivien. Happy New Year!

I've been wondering about different ways to "divide" my blog (see new post)Still a heaped plate so things may take a while.

By the way, your book is only 3 stops from home!
Sureka Rohit said…
Hey! Your work is really eligible to be followed. you are doing a nice job.
I respect your motivation.

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