photographs copyright Vivien Blackburn

Back teaching today and I took the camera. I was planning to take some landscape photos pf the snow on the way - and I did, you'll find them on my photography blog - but I rather liked the footprints in the snow in the car park, the road markings and asphalt shining through. Lovely abstract shapes, tone, limited colour range and pattern :>)

and the cars parking and reversing had made this fabulous row of hearts :>)

OK - enough now. We really don't want any more. Well I don't. That's enough snow for the year now please - now let us head on towards Spring with a gentler, warmer winter .... Please?


I love your sense of design and ability to see art in the ordinary.
Anonymous said…
I really like the hearts in the snow. And my heart goes out to all of you - so much chaos and disruption.

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