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It was our group crit night last night - and I left my painting behind so, though it was a brilliantly constructive session and I now know where I want to go with it, I can't pick it up until tonight. Work will continue tomorrow.

I may start another today.

So - I thought I'd share some links that I've found interesting this week, passed on by friends, in my bookmarks or read in blogs.

  1. Unusual mirages, a fascinating article by James Gurney on a type of mirage I'd never heard of
  2. Sand paintings by Ksenyia Simonova
  3. Van Gogh's letters with translations and illustrations, fascinating
  4. John Piper working
  5. John Virtue working


nielsp said…
Thanks for sharing the link to Sand paintings by Ksenyia Simonova.

I had never seen this type of work before and I really enjoyed it. I wish I understood the music as I could several people moved by emotions in the audience.

What stuck me was how easy just a few changes in lines could completely alter the mood and image.

Niels Henriksen
vivien said…
Yes, clearly a very emotional experience for them - and the flourish she painted with reminded me of a conductor! Very clever stuff - I've seen another one online and we have a TV ad for tea that uses this method - again very cleverly.

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