The Saltmarsh, mixed media and collage

Work in progress, Saltmarsh in mixed media, 16x20 inches. Vivien Blackburn

This is an experiment with a mixed media piece with collage, acrylics, charcoal and ink. It's loosely based on sketches done plein air - but only loosely. The project it is part of is explained here.

I rarely use collage so this is about pushing the boundaries, doing something new and having fun experimenting :>)

Details below:

There is a lot of layering paint, scumbling. glazing. sgraffito, collage. splattering. drawing into ..... and more!

What I want to do with this is combine drawing with the collage and paint. The artist I've chosen to look at for the project is J0hn Piper. An example of his work here. The idea is to bounce off the artist you choose and produce your own work. not simply work 'in the style of'.

I'm planning to knock the blue border back a bit and make it more subtle and moody.

Anyone using collage? any thoughts???


Julie Broom said…
What a striking piece. I just love the variety in the marks you've used and the contrast between the blue and brown works so beautifully. This looks so much more cohesive than a lot of collage I've seen before. Sounds like a great project to work on.
Sarah Wimperis said…
lovely viv, love the trees in the detail, great to experiment

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