Designing a catalogue for a group of artists

I've been working on a catalogue for the small group of friends I meet up with once a month. It's to be used for a proposal for a group show at a really good venue.

The introduction page

Not quite finished - but this is pretty much how the pages will look - one each, one large image, statement, small image and contact details/web addresses (which I've removed here). I'm waiting for a couple of images and statements.

It is A5, will be on heavy paper and will be wire bound for ease of page turning.

I wanted to keep it very simple, the covering letter etc does all the talking, this is just a flick through, who we are and what we do.

Mary our secretary will do those - my responsibilites are catalogue, posters, publicity.

What do you think?

The rather long winded name of our group pre-dates my membership and that of several of us - we sometimes think of changing it but we've built up a reputation under that name, which makes it difficult ..... and then there's the problem of agreeing on a new name!


annie said…
It looks great, Vivien. I would think that the Group name-- used for quite awhile-- would already have a reputation and following, and I can understand your reluctance to change it.
Lunar Hine said…
Very professional. Will you continue to use these in the future, or is this just for one proposal?
And I think it's wise to stick with a name that's built a good reputation. You could shorten it to 'ALA' in conversation. Although you don't want to get confused with Allah...
vivien said…
thanks - yes we do shorten it to ALA - which can be confusing to those who don't know when we say we've got an ALA meeting .... :>D

Yes we'll use it in the future so we're keeping it just about us and our work, with nothing specific to this proposal - all that will be in the accompanying stuff.

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