urban sketching, an old Roman road that passes through the city, biro (ballpen)

Fosse Road in April, biro sketch

Rather than wait for my mother in the dentists waiting room, when I dropped her off for a check up, I sat out in the car sketching. A cheap biro was handy so I used that, which meant no erasing. I prefer my Parker biro' for sketching, it flows much better.

On the left there is a terrace of 3 storey Victorian houses, on the right behind the railings are allotments full of greenery, rows of vegetables, old sheds, trees and bushes a breath of fresh air in the city. The road dips under the pedestrian bridge - it used to be a railway but is now a walkway/cycle track that crosses the city and links to the canal towpath as it crosses nearer the city centre.

The road is part of a Roman road that went from Exeter to Lincoln in an almost straight line.


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