Tulips in charcoal and coloured pencil, sketch

Tulips in the deep shade under a tree, with a little light filtering through the fence, charcoal and coloured pencil sketch, A4

I'm up to my eyes in paperwork and stuff - this is just to prove I am doing a little drawing.

It started life as a simple charcoal sketch but I couldn't resist adding a touch of colour.


Lynx said…
I think the combination of charcoal and coloured pencil work really well - like this a lot.
Anonimess said…
great work, when it comes to the transition from just a charcoal sketch to a colour sketch I fail badly.
Beautiful, the light on your leading lady makes me think of old hollywood movies.
Anonymous said…
I agree this combo really captures the essence of the flower. Hope the paperwork is dwindling quickly.
my croft said…
I love this, with the black -- almost makes it seems like some exotic species of night-blooming tulip. (and scented, too, I hope)
Tahirih said…
Well, your little touch of color turned out magnificently. This has so much life and character!

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