tulips, photographs in my garden taken using a magnifying lens 10x

We've been busy planting and sorting things in the garden, so I took the camera out for some close ups of my tulips.

These were taken with one of the cheap screw on magnifying filters that help you to get really up close and personal (much more than this if you want to)

I really like the very shallow depth of field they give, with the flower focussed but the background very much out of focus, losing all the nitty gritty details there that detract from the main subject.

Keeping the camera still when taking the photo is crucial and these were taken without a tripod - they would have been better with one.

details of the magnifying lenses here for anyone who doesn't know the kind I mean

and more photos of flowers here and here and here and here


It's such a busy time of year in the garden and with the weather so good it's hard to do anything but be outside. Lovely photos, tulips make such good shapes and these would make great jump off points for painting. Don't work too hard.

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