macro and close up flowers

images copyright: Vivien Blackburn 2007

My macro lenses haven't arrived yet but I took some close ups today anyway :) I was hoping to get some good pictures of the wild roses on the way home from work but it was just too windy to get a clear photo - I got a good selection of blurred ones which have been dumped :>( .

So I went out to the garden and took some pictures of some gorgeous fuchsias, a poppy and some roses against the light. The roses are a bit out of focus but I quite like the old fashioned look to their colouring.

I'll be able to work from some of these and others I took. I do like flowers with interesting centres.

I've got some timber to make some more stretchers for the long thin canvasses I need and I'm hoping my husband will make a start on them tomorrow so that I can finish the series of seascapes.

It's cold and rainy so I didn't even think about sketching by the canal on the way home :>(

Youngest cat is in disgrace. Twice recently he's made it in from outside with a mouse in his mouth, to play with and torture and we've managed to catch them and out them .....

...... he's evidently been in with one whilst we weren't looking ..... and let it go - he's VERY interested in underneath the cooker and I've told him he's not allowed out until it's FOUND!

this is pretty much how he's sitting waiting for it to reappear.


drb said…
Ah, poor kitty.
vivien said…
poor kitty my foot!!!!!

spoilt, wilful - a sadistic little torturer of mice - seeing him juggle them 3ft in the air, squeaking wildly, isn't a pretty sight :(

... but we love him!
Robyn said…
How can something so sweet be so cruel - they're all the same. I remember sitting sobbing over dying birds.

Fantastic shot of that first flower and the second photo could be a bridal bouquet. Thanks for the info on your macro lenses - I'm afraid they wouldn't fit my tiny camera.
Katherine said…
Now what he needs his the toy one filled with catnip!

Gorgeous flowers!
Lindsay said…
The cat is in the dog house! Why don't they just eat them like wild cats! Merciful end to the little beasties. Have to say, though after waging war on mice in my house for several years, they don't have much sympathy from me either.
vivien said…
he's GOT catnip mice and balls and all sorts! he prefers blood and squeaks I'm afraid :( though he does play with the toys as well.

Don't they look sheepish after going loopy over new catnip toys? :D

I think he's caught it - soft hearted husband let him out so it could have been a different one of course! but he'd got one and ran out with it (he knows they are taken away if he doesn't escape fast enough!)

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