playing with watercolours and coloured pencils

This is a page of watercolour studies of pansies, not intended to be 'a painting', I did a while ago that I came across.

It's a grey rainy day and the light isn't good to get on with the canvasses so I decided to try to pull it together as a composition. I used a bit more watercolour and coloured pencils and cropped it and added the soft blue green background to cool it down a little - the colours felt too hot. The deep dark pansies were really velvety and intense and maybe not the colour scheme I would have set out to use with the orange and pale yellows - but the background helps to knit them together. Bringing the soft mauves into the darker flowers also helped.

I also took another look at a mixed media woodland that was unfinished and worked a little more on that.

It has a little oil pastel in the early stages, watercolour and then coloured pencils.


Jake said…
Just over from Wet Canvas and looking at your art. Great work!

Making A Mark said…
Really nice treatment of both Vivien - and a big talent for using coloured pencils in a mixed media way
vivien said…
thanks Jake :)

and thanks Katherine :) - it's the way I've used them for a long time, using them in their alone is a relatively new thing.

I do love mixing media

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