Time and Tide ... and there's more

I've been painting intensively, teaching and being a 'visiting artist', talking to a lovely friendly sketchclub - which is why there has been no update for a while.

I've been living surrounded by the seascapes - they are hanging or stacked all around the living room ( my husband has grown tolerant of it - finally!) that way I can mull over where they are going next and what needs doing.

I decided this one needed a far headland to carry the eye round. It's now finished :)

all images copyright Vivien Blackburn

I love the coast on grey and subtle days as well as the blue skied sunny ones and so the next canvas is about all the subtle brown/grey colours and reflected light of winter. I enjoy working with these subtle colours just as much as the vivid ones.

The one below isn't quite finished. This is based on a section of the coast where pine woods come down to the beach and stabilise the dunes - a wealthy local family who owned most of the area, planted long stretches of them, I think in the 1800's.


This one is propped up at the moment to consider what next with it - to lighten the sky a little or not?

Others are wet and unphotographable at the moment.

I haven't been to see the Picasso exhibition yet but will write about it when I get there. I think I must make the effort tomorrow.

these are also my contribution to 'Light' for Inspire me Thursday :)


Lise Richards said…
Do you live near the shore? These remind me of vacation. So lovely.
this is a lovely series you have going here!

vivien said…
thank you lise ascender :)

no, sadly I don't live near the coast anymore but I did all my childhood and I love it :)

I do travel to the coast to paint plein air whenever possible though - if you follow the link on my blog to my sketchbook site you'll see the work I do there.
Deb G said…
This is great!
joy hennin said…
I love these. They really capture the grandeur of the sea.
Pattie Mosca said…
Very peaceful...wonderful!
vivien said…
thank you Deb, Joy and Pattie :)
I love the chaging light on the sea and you've captured it beautifully in these pieces.
Cheryl said…
These are beautiful! And I love the tall, narrow canvas!
vivien said…
green poet and cheryl, thank you :)

I really love the changing light in the landscape and at the coast - and in England it constantly changes so it's a good job!
carra said…
These are beautiful!s
Lea Antonio said…
I'm so impressed by these paintings. Really gorgeous!
vivien said…
Carra and Lea thank you :)

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