finished ...... I think

40 inches square, mixed media on canvas, copyright Vivien Blackburn

I worked a bit more on this today, resolving the sky and the gaps between the branches, reenforcing the brightest snow in places - and I think it's done. I am in two minds as to whether to lighten the main tree slightly in places - first I think I will and then decide not to ...... so the decision it's finished is subject to change without notice :)

There is a lot more variety of colour than shows here - the image is too big for the camera to pick them up accurately. There's a much wider range of blues and blue-greys and very small touches of other colour in the grasses and foreground tree. I gave close ups of a lot of this in earlier posts so I won't duplicate them but if you missed them you can see them here or if you look at the 'rocks' tags.

It seems to have taken forever as I kept working on other things at the same time such as the waterways stuff, the long thin seascapes, teaching ...... and trying to have a life :) .

I worked further on 4 long thin seascapes but they are wet and unphotographable at the moment and not quite finished. I have to get some timber and some more canvas tomorrow to make up (well for my husband to make up for me!) some more long thin canvasses to do some more for this series.

I ordered the macro lenses from ebay ...... so excitedly waiting for them to arrive at the moment :)


Lindsay said…
What a beautiful painting. I have such a sense of both beauty and peril here. There is so much to look at (more in person I'm sure!)Showing is as a WIP was really helpful! The blues are luminious and great shapes.
vivien said…
thanks Lindsay - there really are more interesting things happening than show in this small picture :(
Robyn said…
Once you look at the other touches of colour at the base of the tree your eye finds it easily in the big picture. It would be a treat to see the painting itself. Congratulations. Beautiful. I so envy you those macro lenses but will love seeing your photos.
vivien said…
thanks Robyn - those macro lenses are really very cheap - 4 lenses (they are flat like filters and simply screw on) were about $30 ish with postage

they are just magnifying glasses really
drb said…
Always hard to know when you're finished. I have had people ask for half-done paintings, and when I say, "But it's only half done!" They say, well it looks done to me.
vivien said…
thanks drb :)

yes, sometimes I like work at the unfinished stage best - it's knowing when to stop! at least with oils I can go back in and loosen it up again :)

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