Trees and Rocks progress May

I had time to paint today :) and got on with this canvas (40ins square) that has been reproaching me every time I passed it for weeks!

It's nearly resolved now. I need to soften the wisps of cloud at the top, maybe thicken the tree branch on the right to add a little weight there and whiten some of the spaces between the branches. It looks a bit tighter than it is so I've included some details so you can see the brush/knife work, which is actually loose. Those of you who subscribe may need to click in to the site to see the slide show as it doesn't work in email subscriptions or feeds.

I did some more work on 3 long thin seascapes as well but there is still more to do on them.

Now I'm going to curl up with a book and be lazy :)


Lindsay said…
This is really beautiful. I just love your brush stroks and your choices of color. The close ups are nice to have so I can study what is going on.
vivien said…
thanks Lindsay :)

I need to get out sketching again as well. Not enough time :(
Lindsay said…
There never is enough time! I was going to go out today but the light is stinky. Might just go anyway and get some line drawings.
Lindsay said…
Vivien, I wanted to ask you a technical question about this painting. Did you plan out the whole thing as a drawing first? Do you balance all the sky holes and weighted masses before you do the painting? I'm finding that for my city scapes, it really helps to FIRST make a pretty detailed drawing...but it also feels a bit less exciting.

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