pictures at an exhibition :)

Today I managed to visit (with camera) 2 exhibitions that I have work in at the moment. These images are from our group show at the West End Gallery. You'll probably recognise some of the work that I've shown here.

We got a really nice write up in the local paper as well :)

On this wall, with those awkward small windows, they hung the canvasses as it wasn't so suitable for heavy framed work. They are easier to photograph without reflections from the flash.

Ros put some of her gorgeous knitting paintings in.
and the red flowers are mine.


Lindsay said…
Nice to see your work in the show!
Katherine said…
It's great to see some photos - but why aren't they BIGGER!

Plus, when you've finished a work I'd love to see you doing photos on your blog of your paintings actually hung to guage the size and presentation when you've finished
vivien said…
OK I'll do some pics of finished/framed/hung pieces in future :)

Anything framed is usually in simple limed ash frames in varying widths and antique white (pale cream) mounts - I keep them simple and loosely matching. Oh and I like mounts to be 3 inches wide or more and 3.5 inches at the bottom to prevent the 'falling out of the frame' feel you can get if it's the same width.

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