and the LSA show .....

Azurete copyright Vivien Blackburn

These are the pictures from the Society exhibition - it's quite a big show at the Art Gallery and Museum in town. Members can put in 3 paintings. Mine are the the one above, which is tiny - about 5 inches square. I framed it in a white Ikea box frame with a white mount - it went really well with the blues. Azurete (should have an accent on the last e) is French for the blues.

Link to the website:

Some of the paintings were quite bold and mine seemed to be surrounded by them! The trees in the middle is mine. About 3ft 6in tall on gallery wrap canvas.

and again, I'm on the wall with the bright colours! the seascape in the middle is mine. It's about 4ft tall, oil on gallery wrap canvas - my husband and father made me the stretchers for the long canvasses and I put the canvas on.

I thought I had until the weekend to get my work ready for the next show - The Pastel Society ...... no, I'd forgotten a deadline. Luckily the secretary is better organised and rang me - I gave the titles over the phone.

I had been thinking of trying one of the artichoke flower abstracts in watercolour and pastel for the show tomorrow but it won't be in time now :( she needed the titles yesterday! I'm putting in the coloured pencil flowers I did some time ago - they are allowed.

I'm juggling too many things!


OOO- lovely exhibition! Your work is beautiful and well presented. I love the little punches the vertical canvases add. The walls are like beautiful nonobjective compositions.

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