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work by Patrice Large - link below

When I started blogging I wasn't at all sure whether I'd continue and it felt rather strange talking to thin air :)

As time went on and people responded and I felt more comfortable, the readership really grew and I really enjoyed the dialogue and the discovery of so many interesting blogs out there and some really nice and exceedingly talented, and often very funny, people. And they didn't seem to object to long rambling sentences like that ;)

I keep discovering new and fascinating blogs :) one recent one is Patrice Large (and it helps me brush up on my French) - if you don't speak French you won't be able to read it but you'll certainly appreciate the sheer drama of his watercolours of sailing. and I'm a scaredy cat who'd never set foot in a boat in the conditions he paints - millpond calm does me fine for a boat trip down the coast thank you - but I love the energy and drama in these paintings in a medium more often used for more tranquil scenes.

In all I now have 35 feeds set up with bloglines so I can keep up with reading you all.


vivien said…
Good morning, Vivien. I suffer from vertigo so you won't get me out there, either-- but how powerful and dramatic those two images are by Patrice Large that you put on your blog ! You are wonderful to introduce us to new things, ideas and people. I do learn so much from the blogs I watch. I feel as if my brain (and soul ) are expanding like yeast as these images and information fill my life.

Thank you, again.
vivien said…
above post posted on behalf of Annie who has no google account and so can't post :(
Katherine said…
Amazing images Vivien - and you're so brave practising French! I'm awful at French - my one claim to any facility being that I actually dreamt in French the night before my French Oral exam!
vivien said…
oh my French is very rusty!

I always buy a chick lit type novel when I go just to practice my reading on something not too difficult!

I think the trick is thinking in the language not translating as you go - your dream was very apt!

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