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I went out sketching last year with friends at Coombe Abbey - it was mostly too manicured and neat to really interest me, though the landscape and walled gardens are lovely. I tend to like wilder places.

They had these amazing cardoons and artichokes in flower - if only I had a big sunny garden I'd grow them, they were absolutely huge - way bigger than fist sized and this beautiful stunning sky blue. The dried seedheads are gorgeous as well.

I did some drawings from them in coloured pencil but hadn't done any work from them until now.
I've got to work later to cover for a sick colleague so didn't feel like getting on a roll with the oil paintings, only to have to stop and clean up just when I want to keep on, so I decided to see what images I'd got to play with on the computer - it's clean!
These are what I've done so far and I can see them leading on to watercolours and canvasses, I like the shapes and the suggestion of the textures and colour of the artichokes, without being a picture of them.

The complementary glow of the terractottas and blues with the subtle beiges and browns will be fun to work with.

I don't know when I'll get around to doing them because I must finish the seascapes first but the ideas are there for when I can get round to them :)

Now off to work :(


Katherine said…
No fair - you can't show and not tell!!! How did you do that?

I have small skills in the digital art department but am getting more into experimenting with images from photos on the computer while trying to work out how to treat them.
These are amazing, beautiful!
vivien said…
:D - LOTS of work and layers and erasing and filters and cloning and adjusting contrast and colour and .....

(I spoke to Ros about the cottage and no problem whenever - will email later Katherine)

I do love playing with images on the computer :)

thanks crafty green poet :)

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