She's Back

I can't believe it - she's back - oh the relief!!!!! :)

She must have been locked in somewhere as she's very very thin - I may get her checked over by the vet tomorrow unless she looks fine. I'm not sure if her side hurts her - it could be just hunger pains. She's eaten a lot of cat biscuits and I've microwaved her some chicken breast.


dinahmow said…
Oh lord, yes! I know exactly that feeling. Both the agony of loss and the relief of finding.
So glad your "baby" is home and hope that she is OK.
Lindsay said…
So happy to hear mother and baby are reunited!!! Now you can fatten her up, poor thing. She's had enough trauma.

I hope you have a much better weekend!!!
Robyn said…
Thank goodness! They hold our hearts to ransom, the little devils.
Leslie said…
Oh, Vivian, thank heavens!! I just got your blog notice and so just now realized what you've been going through. I understand exactly what you've been going through and am so thankful to know that she's home!

vivien said…
thank you ALL of you - she's working on the fattening up ! my picky little eater is scoffing and clearing her plate for once :)

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