Friday, May 04, 2007

exhibitions and posters and glitches

I've not been writing here this week as I've been rushed off my feet with a new term starting with endless paperwork, computer hiccups and glitches and an exhibition to get ready for next week.

I designed us a lovely contemporary poster in Publisher and now the computer with that on won't talk to the printer - this elderly computer doesn't have publisher and copying and pasting resulted in lots of zzz's and asterisks and gobbledygook :( so the poster is very boring and ordinary - and wasted lots of hours of painting time attempting to sort it out :(

We all paint very differently - Sue M's work is very abstract and often based on her visits to Florida. Sue G paints solely at the coast. Mary does fascinating work from old photographs, doing a lot of research into the backgrounds of the people she paints - maids, children in a spartan Victorian 'blind school' - she had a studio for a time in the building that had been the school - her work always has an interesting story behind it. Ros has a background in lingerie design and her recent work has featured knitting, both in actuality and painted - beautiful pieces. Maggie does lovely moody landscapes and has a particular love of dusk. Glen's work is about places that have a deep meaning to her, known over a long period of time, particularly the Charnwood Forest and Guernsey. Judith Eason is doing a series on the woodlands of Kent, her home.

I'll be showing a mix of seascapes and the flowers - the canal/river/waterways stuff is for a later time. I may also show the Harlequin abstracts.

The show goes up next Sunday and our private view is on the Monday.


Lindsay said...

So nice to see a post from you! Good luck on the openign of your show. Too bad about the lost time on the computer. Maddening GRRRR. Do you think there will be a link for the show?

vivien said...

No I don't think so :(

I'll probably take some photos though, I usually do.

Kate said...

I would love to see this show - I like the way you talk about the differences between each artist's paintings.

Sorry to hear about the computer - it is incredible to realise how much time is lost trying to sort things through.

Take lots of pictures so we can see the show vicariously!!

vivien said...