Inspire me Thursday - Dreams

Inspire me Thursday's topic this week is dreams - I rarely remember my dreams except sometimes if I lie dozing half asleep and half awake in the morning I remember funny little fragments of dreams.

This was the last one - I dreamed I'd washed my hair, then before I blow dried it I did some painting. Then, getting ready for bed realised it was still damp .... couldn't be bothered to dry it more and went to bed with it damp! (my dreams are always pointless and weird!)

so the last bit is added ... what it would look like in the morning.

The story reads around in a spiral from the centre - washing hair, painting, realising it's damp, sleeping, getting up looking like a scarecrow (what's new?)

It's just a sketch but could be done properly as a large charcoal drawing.

(and there's an interview there with me this week :) - thank you Melanie )


I like how you've shown the narrative here.
vivien said…
thanks :)

I'm passing your blog on to my daughter who has a keen interest in writing and poetry - I enjoy reading it :)
Leah said…
oh, i really like how you made this dream come to life. the shape of it suits a dreamscape too!
vivien said…
thanks :) - I was trying to use the circles as well, which was another element mentioned.

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