Whew! I thought I'd never stop labelling and pricing and packing. Of course it decided to rain steadily as we loaded and unloaded.

We delivered the paintings today for our group show :) - now Simon and Roger the gallery owners are busy hanging it. So all is quiet until the private view tomorrow night. It's a new project for them as they are framers(and have alos built up a business selling giclee prints nationally) and have mainly sold prints before. They have just moved into nice bigger new premises. We are the guinea pigs (they know all of us - they are the best framers and so pretty much all the local artists go to them) and of course it will take customers a while to realise that they now sell originals - so I'm not hoping for too much.

This is one of the paintings I've put in. It was done plein air on a glorious day, the first warm day of Spring - the wind was cold but we were sitting in the lee of the dunes, sheltered and just soaking up the warmth there.

I've put in a real mixture! some woods and trees, some seascapes, some flower close ups and abstracted flowers and the Harlequin abstracts - I didn't think there would be room for them all but there was :) - and then the work in the browser unframed as well.

Just the sorting out and the typing up of lists of work with details of size, price, title, media etc, artists statements and the packing up, delivering and unpacking takes up so much time and having left it to the wire to get it done myself I was a bit fed up when one scatty friend arrived with unpriced work - wanting advice on titles, price, should she put this one in ? ..... etc etc etc .................. I'd had ENOUGH of doing that - I'm afraid to say that I didn't help but scarpered!

Some of the links to blogs from the ones tagged have been really good and my list is growing! so thank you to all of you who carried it on :)


Katherine said…
Vivien - this looks great! How did the private view go?
vivien said…
thanks :)

answered in next post!

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