Opening Night

I was going to call this post Private View - but it occurred to me that some rather strange people just might pop in?

The Private View was great (thanks Katherine :) ), buzzy and fun. The gallery owners were lovely keeping everyone supplied with wine and looking after us - I could have done with a chair though, I was exhausted by the end!

Sales were thin but as this is a new venture in a new place I wasn't hoping for too much.

Today I'm really really tired so this is going to be a short post and then I am going to paint :) - it's a horrible grey rainy day so it'll be studio painting. I have 8 long thin seascapes to get done so will probably work on those and on finishing the big snow/trees/rocks canvas, which hasn't been touched in ages.


jafabrit said…
Wish I had been able to visit your exhibit. all the best with it :)
vivien said…
Thanks Jafa :)

I'm going in before it ends to take photographs, so I'll post some
Lindsay said…
Yea! Photos will be great. Congrats and I hope this is one peg in your marketing stratagy that will take off in the future. Can't wait to see your sea scapes.

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