Leicester museum and art gallery were planning an exhibition of Picasso's pottery in 2005, that was going to be loaned to them by Richard Attenborough, actor/director,who lived in Leicester when he was young. His brothers were born here.

Then his daughter and grandaughter were killed in the Asian tsunami and everything was put on hold - he has now, incredibly generously, donated the collection in their name.

I let the intial rush die down and hope to get in to see it this week. Here is a link to an article about the show http://www.24hourmuseum.org.uk/leicester/news/ART47953.html?ixsid=jIvZvh3dgyo with images

Tomorrow I'm planning to spend the day painting :) and in the evening I am going to talk to a local art group about my work and mixed media etc


Anita said…
Picasso has become one of my favourite artists. So many people only know his cubist period and are amazed by the blue and rose period as they bear no resemblance to his later work. I'm green with envy so I hope you will share your feelings about this show.
vivien said…
oh dear and the write up I gave it isn't complimentary! I think it was wasted on me and you would probably have enjoyed it and got more from it.

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