Wednesday, June 13, 2007

my daughters macro flowers

NB all pictures copyright C Blackburn

My daughter is, I think, a very talented photographer - she's got a good 'eye' and good technical photographic skills.

These are just some of the gorgeous macros of flowers she's done - I got her to download them onto my computer for me, as I've discovered that though I hate working from photographs, I can work from images onscreen sometimes - I think it's to do with the light, it's more like 'real' light than a flat print is. Somehow the 3D-ness comes through better as well. So I'm hoping to work from some of these eventually.

it's such a gorgeous time of year for flowers, taking some more macro photos myself is on the to-do list.
Apart from the fact that she can focus to 1cm anyway with her camera, she has a set of those macro lenses that screw on like filters. I used to have them for my old SLR - they are very very much on my must-have list now! I love the narrowness of the depth of field and the way the background is abstracted, enhancing and concentrating the attention onto the main subject.

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Lindsay said...

Love of flowers runs in the family! These are beautiful. I'm really enjoying your flower paintings and look forward to seeing what you will do with these.