sketches of moving people from life

More quick sketches of moving people - moving far too much!

These two were done with a Rotring art pen and a a little water to smudge and create areas of tone. They are in a moleskine sketchbook - hence the bubbly effect on the washes, which were rubbed into the paper - the waxy paper moleskines don't like water much!

and the next 2 with a mechanical pencil with a B lead

They were all absorbed in what they were doing and moving a LOT, not making life easy! but it was good practice even if the results aren't great :>)


It's a real challenge but you look like you're having great fun, Vivien.
As with most things a greater confidence builds with practice. I don't bother too much with acuracy of features any more - just make it up. Who's to know?
vivien said…
:>D true!

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