update on the postcard exchange, Pendeen lighthouse, Cornwall, watercolour and mixed media sketch

details from Pendeen Lighthouse, watercolour and mixed media on fairly rough paper

Pendeen Lighthouse, watercolour and mixed media on fairly rough paper, whole image, about 9 inches across as I remember

This postcard was the most recent one I did for the exchange, sent to Cathy, it will be published on our group blog today so I can now show it to you. I was very relieved when it arrived safely as one, from another member of the group to her, is lost somewhere in the sorting office, so disappointing. I put it in a very dull brown envelope with no decoration to make it appear boring to any would-be-thieves.

The sea in the dip, where the water is shallower really is that beautiful pthalo green/viridian - impossible to describe without those colours in your palette.

Just a short distance along the coast are The Crowns at Botallack - old mine engine houses perched precariously on the edge of the cliffs, where I have also sketched.

more sketches and paintings of Cornwall

Has anyone being doing still lifes? I'm afraid I haven't done much! I got sidetracked ......


Cathy Gatland said…
I'm so glad you've posted some of the lovely details of this postcard Vivien, I'm so enjoying them, as with the whole painting. Thank you for sending it to me!
vivien said…
You are very welcome! I'm really enjoying the exchange, as we all are :>)
Anonymous said…
Its gorgeous! It's sad that you have to think about thieves. Did it get to the right place?
vivien said…
thanks :>)

Yes, it arrived safely :>)
Felicity said…
Such a beautiful card, it really does capture that coastal atmosphere and those amazing colours. Cathy is very lucky!

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