Brush pen quick sketch whilst waiting

Waiting outside the surgery, Pentel Brush Pen, A4 quick sketch

Waiting for my mother to have her blood test done - a regular trip - I sketched the view from the car again.   Music on and a sketchpad and I don't mind the wait :>)

This one was done with a Pentel Brush Pen - unforgiving but lovely to use.   I decided to use the brush pen as I knew it would be fast - last visit I only got this far and she back out and ready for home ........

sketch done in biro A4

From a different parking space, obviously.

It isn't easy to keep lines straight when leaning on the steering wheel is it?


Michael Bailey said…
Excellent sketches Vivien. Pentel Brush Pens are just made for waits! Have you tried the ColorBrush? I think the black and sepia are permanent and a bit less waterproof but they can be made to give a lovely dry brush effect.
Anonymous said…
And in-car sketching is a darn' good argument for klaxons, not mid-wheel hooters! ;-)
Lunar Hine said…
Maybe you could invest in one of those trays-on-a cushion things to place across the steering wheel.
vivien said…
I haven't Michael - please don't tempt me with more art supplies!! I bet I'd like them

And Lunar .... mind reader! one arrived yesterday :>) I bought one of those from ebay thinking of exactly that, plus watching BBC iplayer on me knee! (so much sport on at the moment and himself is addicted - the remote control is permanently gripped in his hands!)

I haven't actually leaned hard enough on my - yes central - klaxon/horn yet ..... now you've brought it up there is always a first time! oh dear ...
A great way to use the time, and excellent sketches too!
No bother at all to you :o)

Hey, I'm likely to be down your neck of the woods in the next couple of weeks, so tell me: where exactly is Sennan Cove? It has become the stuff of folk-lore for me from your posts and I want to see it for myself.
vivien said…
it's fractionally round to the right of Lands End David :>) I hope you aren't disappointed.

It will be much more crowded in July than when I go - but the colours should be beautiful.

If you like cliff walking you can walk to Lands End from Sennen - there are fabulous rocks and a huge wrecked ship.

If you don't mind the single track narrow lanes you could look at the tiny tiny places like Porthgwarra, The Cot valley/Porth Nanven (take the road to it from St Just), The Crowns at Botallack (on the coast behind Botallack, north of St Just),Penberth, Porthcurno, Mousehole

The ferry ride from Truro to Falmouth is magical too - oh and King Harrys Ferry

Have fun
vivien said…
ps put Sennen Cove in on Google streetview and you get a fairly good view from the top of the hill as you go down

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