Derwent Inktense blocks and mixed media - The Crowns at Botallack, Cornwall

The Crowns, Inktense blocks, ink and coloured pencil sketch, approx 9 x 6.5 inches

I've been given a set of Inktense blocks and wanted to have a play, see how they behave and what they can do.  I've got about 6 of the Inktense pencils and like them, so I was interested to see how the blocks behaved.  

I worked loosely from the charcoal sketch I did plein air and the ink sketch - using memory for the colours.

I do like the way the Inktense colours layer and their translucency - in this one I used the blocks mainly as you would watercolour pans with very little drawing with them.   I think to draw with them (then use water to wash) I'd need to work A3 to have room for big gestural marks.   Something I may try next.   I used ink and coloured pencil (Polychromos and Lyra Rembrandt mostly) over the washes and scribbles of Inktense and the rough paper surfacew meant these flicker across, touching the high parts of the paper, missing the dips.

Definitely something to try on a larger scale where the potential could be used better.

Have you used them?


Anita said…
Delicious colours and very in(k)tense (Sorry!) atmosphere.
dinahmow said…
No, not yet! But I need good colour that will "take" on fabric, so thanks, Vivien. for the demo run. :-)
vivien said…
I think it would work well on fabric Dinah though I haven't tried it

Anita :>D
Irina said…
I like the sketch very much, so full of air. Bravo.
I did not try them.
Michael Bailey said…
Love the colours and the textures in this sketch, Vivien. Inktense are superb - I have the basic 24 pencils but not splashed out on the blocks yet :-)
lucky you! I've been looking at the inktense blocks and wanting to try them out after liking the pencils so much. This sketch is lovely, the colours delicious, I can't wait to see what you do on a large scale.
vivien said…
Thanks Irina, Michael and Lisa

I think the blocks are worth the splashing if you love the pencils Michael and Lisa :>)

It was so good to have a wider range of colours as I only have about half a dozen inktense pencils.
Nicki MacRae said…
Absolutely wonderful work as always Vivien! This is one of my fave' spots and you've absolutely done it justice - I can smell the salt, hear the waves, feel the breeze (and the vertigo!) :-D

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with Inktense Blocks (and Inktense Pencils, which are new to me too) since they were launched, and meaning to do a blog post. This post got me to pull my finger out -
vivien said…
Thanks Nicki - I'm off to see what you've been doing with the inktense :>)

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