David Prentice Exhibition

There is an exhibition coming up in mid July by one of my all time favourite living artists - David Prentice.  It's at a great spacious gallery in Moreton in Marsh, the John Davies Gallery.   As yet the images aren't on the website, but they will be nearer to the time.

It's a retrospective of his work in celebration of his 75th birthday, with work going back many years.   A great chance to see the development of ideas and the strong individual ideas that weave through his work.  I highly recommend buying the catalogue and reading the interview.

DP walks daily in the Malvern Hills, sketching and observing.   Then he works in the studio, huge canvasses, pastels, watercolours, intimate smaller pieces - all with this keen observation and wonderful handling of colour and light and a sense of place, time, passing weather systems, movement.

Get there if you can. The paintings are so much more in real life than a tiny image onscreen can show.

Get to see it if you can :>)  and if you can't - the catalogue is worth investing in.


Lunar Hine said…
Yes, really inspiring. His trees particularly get the feel of different barks in a way I don't often see so acutely observed. That's what you get for years of daily looking. Has inspired me to spend more time looking at the land that inspires me. Thanks for posting this.
Anita said…
I love David Prentice - such delicious work! Envy you the chance to see this.
Anonymous said…
I love his work - if only I lived in the right hemisphere!
vivien said…
I'm glad you like him :>)

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