The post card exchange coloured pencil, sunset across the bay

Sunset across the bay, coloured pencil, Vivien Blackburn

This was my contribution to the postcard exchange this month.   It's a view across the bay from the house we stayed at.

Skies there are always lovely with the sun rising over to the right behind the land, glowing - and setting over behind the headland to the left of the crescent shaped bay.

The weather frequently comes in from across the Atlantic and as the moist air hits the land, the clouds form over Cape Cornwall - that headland attached to the mainland.   Off to the left are the Brisons, huge jagged rocks that feature in some of the other paintings I've done in the area.

This one was all about that sky.


annie said…
So lovely, Vivien. Wonderful sky.
Anita said…
Another gorgeous sky!

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