Hydrangeas, geraniums and foxgloves

Summer flowers in the garden :>)

Playing with the close up filters again.   I love the way that it throws the background out of focus - these were using the 10+ and the 2+  filters together - which cuts out a lot of light (meaning even shallower depth of field/danger of movement blur) and causes a really shallow depth of field.

The top geranium is a new one this year and has these wonderfully intense deep purplish/black leaves.

Foxgloves remind me of Cornish lanes :>)

It took me years to think to grow Hydrangeas  but I've now got 2 - one in a pot that is a beautiful intense purple/blue  (various shades of it over the plant, some bluer, some purpler, I feed this with the aluminium salts to keep it blue as it started to turn pink in it's second year)  and the other the delicate pale blue and cream one in shade at the foot of the garden.  The pale one was new last year so I wasn't sure if it would revert to pink - but so far so good.   I like the delicate colours.

I do like to have blue flowers in the garden and there aren't a lot.  Some of the loveliest don't like my shady garden either - but I grow bluebells and later cornflowers, trailing lobelia, trailing campanulas and others from time to time.

I'm thinking I ought to do some flower paintings/drawings while they are at their best.


Gayle Mason said…
Lovely photographs Vivien.
vivien said…
Thanks Gayle - from someone whose photography I admire immensely that means a lot :>)
Anita said…
Beautiful photographs! I love blue flowers but so few are a true blue, most havering on the edge of being mauve which I loathe! On the way to work there is a hydrangea bush in flower at the moment with the most beautiful flowers. Larkspur - another of my favourite blue flowers, delphiniums and mecanopsis - see what you started!
vivien said…
I love larkspur - but they don't like my garden - too shady? soil type?? not sure why

Mecanopsis are beautiful but supposedly hard to grow so I haven't tried - maybe I should.

I do like purple blues.

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