Feathers - sketching

sketches copyright Vivien Blackburn

pastel pencils on sugar paper

I picked this feather up in the garden and sketched it in different media, experimenting with the different feel of each medium. I like the pastel pencil version best as I could look at the subtle hints of colour in a monochrome subject.

carbon pencil

With the carbon pencil it was harder to get the soft greys and the image is less subtle.

2B pencil

With pencil it was possible to get the subtler greys but it hasn't scanned as well :(

Now, shall I carry on and do some more in water soluble graphite and watercolour ? charcoal? mmm maybe when I have the time I will.


My-Art said…
These drawings are beautiful, I like the fact that they are found objects and that you have done 3 seperate drawings in different media. The second one is my favourite. You have captured the subtle aspects of your subject in an honest way with confidence and flair, thank you!

You can check out my pencil work Label 'PENCIL' on my blog


If you like my work you can put a link on yours I'll do the same for you!


vivien said…
Thanks Paul :)

your work is interesting - I'll have a longer look later.

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