Seascapes for the next show

all work copyright Vivien Blackburn
I've been busy finishing off some canvasses - they are still wet so I'll have to photograph them later and sorting out some framed work to take to the Neptune Gallery.

These are 2 of the framed works that will be going. Both done plein air in oil paint. They are on treated paper, so are framed as if for watercolours, with a 3inch matt and limed ash frame.

I love the different light and colour as the seasons, time and tide change. Nothing stays the same for long and it's necessary to paint fast. The first painting was the day after a really bad storm and high tide - there were intense deep blue skies and the wet sand was vivid colours, around us were damaged dunes and sea defences. The second was a warm April day, after a long cold early spring. It was bliss to be in the sun :)

I'm hoping to have some time to paint after I've delivered the work - so fingers crossed for good weather later this week :)


Gesa said…
These two are great - like the second one in particular - very dynamic with the shoreline.
bridgette said…
both of these paintings are beautiful! i am really drawn to the energy of the bottom piece.
vivien said…
thank you both :)

I'm up to my eyes in seascapes at the moment! and going to the coast in a couple of days :)
Alexiev said…
Pretty textures and very good works in your blog... I like your work... Greetings from Buenos Aires...
Lindsay said…
I love the amazing contrast between the two. Your plein air work is very dynamic.
Anita said…
Super flow to the second painting - and the colours in both - just fabulous as in all your work.

Looking forward to hearing about the new baby!
vivien said…
thanks Alexiev (I really like your work :) ), Anita and Lyndsay :)

I have to got to deliver the paintings today - but the forecast is heavy rain - so it doesn't look as if I'll be able to paint at all :(

I'm dying to see the new baby! as yet it's still a bump - a very large bump!

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