a grandmother!

My daughter had a little boy by emergency Caesarian section last night. They are both doing fine, I hardly slept last night!

I rushed the card into the post so I hope she gets it tomorrow.

My grandmother was really special - I hope I can live up to her :)


Anita said…
I'm sure you'll have no trouble living up to your Grandmother Vivien. CONGRATULATIONS!
Have they decided on a name?
Lindsay said…
Congratulations!!! Glad to hear everyone is doing well.
Seems like grandparenting is the beginning of another great adventure. (But one where you get more sleep than parenting!)
Congratulations on becomming a grandmother! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for letting me know how to find yours. I love your description of being drawn to the edges of things....I never thought of it that way. It's beautiful. I've also subscribed to your blog, really admire the painting of sunlight on the water...it's great to find others who see the world from the same perspective.
vivien said…
thank you all :) I'm off to the shops to look at gorgeous little outfits for him today :)

He's - I think, as it isn't certain yet - Samuel Thomas or Thomas Samuel - :) I like both names so that's great

Oh yes, it is another great adventure :)

and thanks Sue :)
Katherine said…
Congratulations Grandma Vivien!!! :D Glad to hear all is now well - it's always a bit of a shocker when you get a surprise like that.

I shall expect to see a drawing of babe at some point in the future - some of the grandparents out there have been setting a fine standard!
muddy red shoes said…
Congratulations!...HOW EXCITING, I hope the new family are all ok and that you can get some sleep soon...am looking forward to pictures and sketches of your new model.
Robyn said…
Vivien, congratulations! I confess to a tear in my eye as I read of your happiness. It's wonderful. The card is a treasure for your daughter. What is he going to call you?
vivien said…
Thank you Katherine, Sarah and Robyn :)

I want to be called Nan I think

I always called my grandmother Nana and my children called my mother Nana and differentiated the 2 Nana's when necessary by describing them as Mary-Nana and Muriel-Nana :)

I can't take Nana off my mum! and I'll be happy with Nan - I don't fancy Grandma or Granny they just aren't a tradition in our family and don't feel right!
Robyn said…
Nana or Nan would be my choice too - if anyone ever calls me Grandma they'll get a sock in the eye ;) Looking forward to baby sketches.
vivien said…
I love the sock in the eye!

...... but agree!
Anita said…
Great name choices, I like both too!!!

LOL @ Robyn!

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