Time and Tide: sunset and pools at the beach

This is one of the recent ones in the Time and Tide series, a smallish one of just under 3ft tall. It's about those evenings where the clouds and colours are patterned and vivid, layers of different coloured clouds, delicate peach pinks, small fluffy clouds that are lower and the pool reflecting it all.

The pattern element was important as it was that sort of evening. It makes me think of Fairisle knitting! It works well with the others in the series.

What do you think?

Daughter and new son are both doing well and she's so happy :)


Anita said…
congratulations, vivien! DO we get to see a photo of the new babe?
Karen Hall said…
sky blue pink - my favorite colour.
Lovely piece - glad daughter and grandchild doing OK
warm regards
vivien said…
thanks Anita and Karen

Photos once I manage to get some :)

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