small seascape sketches

Stormy Evening copyright Vivien Blackburn

Looking through a sketch book I found these 2 unfinished works and finished them off - they are both mixed media (containing everything but the kitchen sink!).

This one is earlier in the day, the clouds starting to build up.

Those unfinished long seascapes on canvas are still sitting waiting to be finished off but I've been busy with other non-painting stuff :( .


I always enjoy your seascapes Vivian.
Having lived near the sea at one time, I really respect your color choices, as I've seen them all at one time or another.
I miss being there, this brings it back, thanks!

vivien said…
thanks Babs :)

I love the changing colours :) and like you I miss living there.
Catherine said…
Hi Vivian..
This is my first visit to your blog,Love your work,especially your Sea Scapes!!! It's like standing in front of the sea!!My favorite place! Thanks for taking me there!! Cat
vivien said…
Hi Cat, thanks :)

I hope you pay a return visit :)
Karen Hall said…
Vivian - Wonderful seascapes - I am lucky - I live by the sea - and never get tired of the colours - you capture it beautifully.
Warm regards
vivien said…
thanks Karen :)

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