drawing, across the beach, late afternoon, cool day, charcoal and coloured pencil

Across the beach, late afternoon, cool day, charcoal and coloured pencil, 18 ins sq.
Vivien Blackburn

Another experiment with the charcoal and coloured pencil combination on grey paper - this time I did something I rarely do and included figures and a dog - it helps give the scale of those cliffs and rocks - the figures should actually be slightly smaller but the pencils wouldn't cooperate any smaller than this :>)

Done using willow charcoal, polychromos and Lyra coloured pencils and a battery operated eraser on grey rough paper (which eats the pencils).

The curve in the horizon is the paper not lying flat - not me tipping the sea up!

detail enlarged - on the drawing this is less than half an inch high

the figures are just very loosely suggested, with their dog playing in the water.

detail from dark reflection

- there are lots of hazy subtle colour changes in these that don't show up well onscreen :>(

I ended up working all day and evening yesterday, covering for another art teacher who is off ill - and have a lot of boring routine stuff to get on with today so painting isn't likely :>(

next installment in the teaching series will be at the weekend for anyone interested



Robyn said…
I particularly like the fluffy storm clouds in this one, Vivien.

The decision to include figures in a landscape is an interesting one. I never did until I took some watercolour classes here. My Italian teacher always puts a figure in his pictures. It made me wonder why I thought figures would spoil the effect, then I started worrying that perhaps I'm a misanthrope! So now I try to include one or two.

I think people and a dog, particularly, create a happy scene.
vivien said…
thanks Robyn

I generally like my beaches empty 'cos that's what I like, to have the beach to myself :)

but I thought I'd do at least one with figures as people who don't know the area were imagining the cliffs to be much lower and the scale wasn't so apparent.

misanthrope indeed!!!! I don't think so :)

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