acrylic and coloured pencil, mixed media beach

Midnight, High Tide. 11-12 ins square, acrylic and coloured pencil painting. Vivien Blackburn

So far all the paintings I've done of this subject have been daytime or evening - I wanted to catch a nightime view and also do a painting with the tide high.

I underpainted in a mix of ultramarine and raw umber and white. Ultramarine or indigo and burnt umber are what Paynes Gray is made up with - so that's a colour you really don't need to buy. If you mix your own you can tip it slightly bluer or slightly browner and have a little variety, which I think is more interesting than a flat colour.

I then added touches of colour on the cliffs, in the clouds and the sea in purple, blues, green, ochre and brown coloured pencils. The underlying acrylics create a unity of colour and help with the night time feeling.

The long thin drawing I did earlier I decided I wasn't happy with - I've cropped a square out of the middle. which I like better:

Evening beach: charcoal and coloured pencil on grey paper 12in sq. Vivien Blackburn



Acrylic and coloured pencil seems to work really well
vivien said…
I like it :) - it works well under pastel as well.

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