slide show of all the seascapes - changing weather and light :)


Julie said…
This is a great way to view all your works together. It is interesting to see the different mediums you have used. The pinky watercolour "Across the Beach" particularly caught my attention - in a good way.
As I said, you have enough for a study of light on the bay and hey you did - a show on the study of light on the bay.
Now we can see the different lights, effects and moods. Beautiful.
Jeanette said…
Fabulous journey through weather and light!
vivien said…
thanks :)

Shirley it was your remark that made me decide to show them all together and show the effect that an exhibition will have - walking along and the light, time and weather changing constantly.

It took me ages to make the slide show work and I couldn't write anything along with it because it immediately had a nervous breakdown >:>(
Billie Crain said…
what a clever way to create an exhibition on your blog! i've got a Photobucket account. ummmm. I have to say, 'Across The Beach' just blows me away!!!
sharon young said…
Brilliant slide show, i love the fades, they make you feel as if you're in the paintings/sketches. You've given a a great feel to the changing atmosphere of the beach, it was a real treat to watch.
vivien said…
thanks Billie and Sharon :)

- Billie insert the slide show from Blogger and it's straightforward

- try to use the links and it tells you some of the HTML is missing - and as I don't understand HTML I wasted ages trying to sort that out:(

and don't try to add text as it all falls apart!

Your catitudes would look great as a slide show :)
Kim said…
Vivien, what an exciting way to show some of your work! It is a great deal of fun just to sit there and allow you to do all of the work! :)

Seriously, lovely work! And I will come back to see what other fun things you get up to.

Thank you for visiting my blog earlier.
vivien said…
thanks Kim :)
SeƱor R said…
Very good the serie of "weather changes" i like it a lot. Particulary the colours sketch whith watercolours :)

vivien said…
Hi Radosal :D

thank you

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