drawing babies - Sam aged 5 months

Sam, 5 months old. Pencil sketch. Vivien Blackburn

Drawing babies isn't the easiest thing to do - but now Sam is developing a distinct character and personality of his own it's getting easier. This is in my moleskine sketchbook - I do wish they would make a larger size of these because I like them for drawing in but even this 'large' size is in fact small. He was absolutely delighted with this stuffed toy that jingled and made noises and he's very sociable, loving the interaction with those around him. He has very dark eyes.
It made a change from the beaches :>)


Beautiful drawing of a beautiful subject. When my daughter was born I made a series of pencil drawings of her growing up until she was sixteen. I chose one from each year and put them all into one frame. It is still on my wall. Sadly I haven't done the same for my grandson - use photographs instead - time - (poor excuse really as they are not the same- but they have -depending on the how I catch him - their own charm. Will frame them up when he is older - which he will probably not like as my daughter didn't.)
Jeanette said…
I agree that drawing babies is difficult, but you've done a wonderful job on Sam in this piece.

I love this stage of babyhood when they start to explore their world. He'll have a lovely record of his progress in art form from you I think. :)
vivien said…
thanks Jeanette and Shirley :)

I'd like to build up a record, including quicker action sketches from life when I can - and I remember how my kids would play up naturally for the camera when little and go all silly and self conscious when they got older - so I can just imagine your daughter's reaction Shirley!

I may make up a book of prints of the sketches each year for my daughter to keep - it may need padding out with photos! it just depends how many I get done.
vivien said…
I'm off to put an edited version on - I was chatting to Maggie Stiefvater and she suggested the nostrils were too dark - she's right - I've lightened them.
Lindsay said…
WHat a sweet portrait and I totally agree with you about the "large" moleskins.
vivien said…
Thanks Lindsay :)

I do wish they'd make those moleskines bigger - we can't be the only people who think so. I'm sure they'd do well

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