I've been busy with a family get together for my grandson's second birthday - one of his presents from me was a book illustrated by Lynn Chapman. I love her blog, with a fascinating insight into the way she plans and produces her illustrations and I thought you might enjoy it as well.

His mum read it to him and he loved it :>)

Thanks Lynn for the little personalised drawings you did inside the covers - his parents thought it was great :>)


Julie Broom said…
What a gorgeous picture, he's just so sweet and certainly seems very interested in his lovely new book. The blog is excellent too.
Charlene Brown said…
Thank you so much, Vivien, for introducing us to Lynne Chapman's delightful blog, An Illustrator's Life for Me!
Teresa Mallen said…
Thanks for the link. I shall have to bookmark her site for some cheer and smiles. Sending birthday wishes!
vivien said…
I'm glad you all enjoyed her blog :>)
Lynne Chapman said…
I'm so pleased he likes his present! Thanks too for your lovely commenets and the plug for my blog. x
vivien said…
You are very welcome - it's a lovely book :>)

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