Thistles, drawing in charcoal and pastel

Thistles, charcoal and pastel. 23x14.5 inches, Vivien Blackburn

A much larger than life drawing of thistle seedheads at nearly 2 feet across. The seedheads look so lovely when you look at them closely - the flyaway softness contrasting with the spiky leaves and prickles.

I really enjoyed drawing them - I think I'll do some more.

Below are close ups to show the detail better

I was hoping my artichokes might produce flowers this year (their second year in the garden) but they've not done much growing :>( I really fancied drawing them as buds/flowers/seedheads.


Jeanette said…
What a beautiful big piece of fluff! :)

You have the texture and colour down perfectly. It wonderful. funny I was looking at thistles the other day thinking they were good candidates for a drawing.
vivien said…
thanks Jeanette :>)

- go for it! I'd love to see you draw/paint some.
Robyn said…
I had to come and have another look at this, Vivien. Incredible observation and rendering. It's the spirit of thistle!
Nicki MacRae said…
Absolutely beautiful! The lightness and textures are wonderful - that would being me great joy every day on my wall :-D
vivien said…
Robyn and Nicki - thank you :>) - that's what I wanted - the spirit of it,rather than a botanical depiction :>)
Billie Crain said…
I'm giving this one a great big WOW, Vivien! Love it!!!!
vivien said…
thanks Billie :>)
this is a lovely piece of work vivien! It is about to get whiffed off any minute! Like Jeanette, I was also looking at the hundreds around here, thinking...I should go get my art stuff...haven't yet, but this visit here is pure inspiration, now I might just get on with it...when the rains stops!
vivien said…
go for it ! :>)

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