Digital image and a query on a programme

A modern pre-Raphaelite, digital image, Vivien Blackburn

This is a digital image I created quite a while back. I did a series of photographs of my eldest daughter and her belongings in order to do a project, manipulating the images and bringing out aspects of her character. (she does have this habit of running her fingers through her hair like this!)

This one was based on a photograph of her, combined with part of a pre-Raphaelite painting - I think by Dante Gabriel Rosetti of Lizzie Siddall (sp?). There is currently as series about the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood so I thought the timing would be good to show it now!

There was no painting or drawing involved in this series - just photography and manipulation in photoshop.

I'll show the others in the series in later posts.

What I wanted to ask was - has anyone used a programme called Allwaysync? I've downloaded it but not yet had the time to try it out. A fellow tutor, who teaches IT, highly recommended it for sync-ing back ups or file exchanges between computers or external hard drives/USB's and it sounds brilliant. It automatically syncs in one or two directions to ensure all files and changes are saved without duplication.

I was actually asking her about the shortcut to 'no to all' when copying files across - you know how there is a yes-to-all? but only a single 'no'. (I still want to know that shortcut if anyone knows it)

So all those experts out there - have you used Allwaysync? and/or do you know the shortcut for no-to-all?


Robyn said…
Very definitely pre-Raphaelite. Really beautiful, Vivien. I imagine it printed on glass with backlight - like a stained glass window - it would be gorgeous printed on all manner of surfaces.

You always make me want to drop everything and learn about digital painting - but I'm always baffled by the technology.

Looking forward to seeing more of this magical series of your daughter.
vivien said…
thanks Robyn - the others aren't pre-Raphaelite, just a mix of experiments, all different
Yellow said…
This is great. Very lively with a touch of humor. There's loads on the tv about the PRB at the moment. Hubby and I saw the period drama series last night. I think HBO would have done it better - more raw and gritty. It was prettier than I would have liked, but I must say I'm now hooked and it's now on series link.
vivien said…
that's a really good summary of the series :>) enjoyable but not exactly deep!

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