the exhibition is up

7 members of The Association of Leicestershire Artists showing at Burton Library Gallery - hold mouse over slide show to see name of artist over their work - my work is at the end of the show - and no that person next to my long thin canvas isn't me!

The show is up.

Several times a year our little group put on shows at non-gallery spaces - like village halls or libraries.

Burton library has a good gallery space and this is the first time we've shown there. You have to be juried in. The space isn't huge, so the work is closer together than we'd hang in a gallery.

We are all exhausted now.

The images aren't great quality as they were snipped from a Flip video - I haven't learned how to upload videos yet (it's on loan from college, not mine) and you'd get a little seasick if I did!

note to self: go slower and remember not to include shots of the carpet.

Anyone in the Burton on Trent area please go to see it and let me know what you think. we are all very different and i think you'd enjoy the show.


Sydney Harper said…
It's a very nice collection of pictures!
Julie Broom said…
Looks like a brilliant show Vivien, with a great variety of work. Your pieces look fabulous framed. It's maybe just as well I don't live nearby - the temptation to buy after seeing them in real life might be too much for me, and I've just recently spent a fortune at the Pittenweem Art Festival!
Billie Crain said…
Great slideshow, Vivien! Did you do this on Photobucket? I felt like I was right at the library browsing the artwork. Btw, I like your work the best by far.
vivien said…
Thanks Sydney, Julie and Billie

wish you lived nearer Julie! I could do with a cash influx!

I did the slide show with 'Slide' - if you click on the bottom of the slide show, there is a bit which takes you to their site, it's really easy with different ways of changing slides etc

and thanks for the vote of confidence :>)
Yellow said…
This is a great collection of artists. Much much better than the groups who exhibit at our local library. I thought that all the works by everyone you showed have life and passion. I especially liked Mary's and Glen's. And there was a fantastic blue seascape of yours which leapt off the screen.
I wish I was ther to go have a look! They are all beautiful, so different. It was nice to see Glen's work again too and OF COURSE i could recognize yours just as they showed up. I love that one with the vertical fence/stumps/wood. Wish you all luck!
Oh, and I forgot to say, I am very taken with your little profeile photo...that one eye peeking over the frame...very cute
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

they are pine tree stumps from a forest that was once there but drowned when sea levels rose and the salt marsh took over - they are bleached and grained and full of character. There are semi fossilised tree stumps under the sea as well

I'm off to show them to my daughter later today! I'm staying with her for a few days and she lives about 40 miles from them and hasn't seen lots of that area.
Cathy Gatland said…
This is a really lovely exhibition - I would be very happy to own just about any of these paintings. Love your seascapes Vivien.
vivien said…
thank you :>D

I think it shows when you paint things that really interest you or that you love :>)

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