Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk, photos

Brancaster Staithe from the Common . Photograph, Vivien Blackburn

I'm staying with my younger daughter for a few days. Today we went to Brancaster Staithe, a salt marsh harbour on the North Norfolk coast.

This is the view from the Common, up the hill above the village - you see the complex layout of channels from there - the sea is only accessible to boats when the tide is high.

Brancaster Staithe, the harbour. photo Vivien Blackburn

We've been lucky and the weather has been gorgeous :>)

Back with paintings in a few days :>)

PS you can see a slide show of more photos on our Watermarks blog


dinahmow said…
There is something about salt marshes and Norfolk's Broads that draws me in. Often, cold, wet, windy(and smelly!) has a fascinating pull to older times.
Thanks for the memory! :-)
vivien said…
they aren't wild and untamed like Cornwall but they have a charm of their own don't they?

This is north Norfolk - just round the corner from The Wash, so a bit different from the Broads area, which I don't know so well. I always wanted to do a boating holiday there but himself never wanted to.
Robyn said…
Looks like some wonderful sketching opportunities, Vivien. Goodness one be at the mercy of the tides there though.

I look forward to your paintings. Enjoy your break!
Nicki MacRae said…
I don't know the area at all but everyone who speaks about it does so with a lot of love, it makes me think I should visit :-)

Lovely photos!
vivien said…
Nicki it has a quality of its own - but you live in such a beautiful place that it isn't worth the journey for you I have to admit!

I'd love to get up to Scotland again - I love the far north west

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