The Wash near Gedney Drove End, Lincolnshire, photos

Roman Bank ( a levee/ sea wall) at the foot of The Wash, inland side, near Gedney Drove End, Lincolnshire, photographs by Vivien Blackburn

I'd always wanted to see the the shores of the Wash - and this time visiting my daughter I finally got to see what it was like. On a cold day it's very very bleak and windy but the day we went was gloriously sunny with enough passing clouds to make the light interesting.

Soon migrating birds will flock to these marshes - there are bird reserves, with hides, all around coast here where they, and their environment, are protected, the salt marshes preserved.

There is a sea wall (levee) that runs for miles, protecting the extremely low lying land behind it. On the northern side of The Wash there was a disastrous flood in the 50s when the sea broke through and killed a lot of people - you can see old film here , photos and details here

My photos were taken from here

That curious circular island offshore is man made - you can read about it here

Miles of salt marshes have been drained over the years and are now very rich farmland.

In the distance you can see the Norfolk coast.


caseytoussaint said…
What a beautiful place. I can't wait to see the art you make from these views....
vivien said…
thanks Casey :>) - it's very VERY flat!

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