Paint or Sketch trees from life challenge: links to the fabulous work by participants

Willow by the canal, Frog Island. Charcoal sketch in A3 sketchbook, Vivien Blackburn

OK - it's time to post the links to people who joined in the trees-from-life challenge :>) - and there is some lovely work. Just follow the links below to see a wide variety of media, ways of looking, different geographical areas and types of tree and ways of looking.

I'm not going to comment on them individually as there is too much to say! - just leave you to enjoy a series of really beautiful images without any waffling words, just those of the artists themselves :>)

I'm really happy with how many people joined in, and how they feel they got a lot out of it, including some members of the new-ish Plein Air Forum.

the links, in no particular order, just added as they arrived:

Harry Bell

Jeanette 2
Jeanette 4
Jeanette 5







Lindsay 2





Plein Air group blog trees challenge


Kathryn Clark 1
Kathryn Clark 2
Kathryn Clark 3

Toby 1
Toby 2
Toby 3







a relevant post on Charley Parkers blog today

original post

challenge post

digital image, Nightfall, Vivien Blackburn

If you think you are too late, don't worry, I can still add your link - and if somehow I've missed you and you've sent one - please let me know and I'll remedy it. I tried to add as they arrived but could have forgotten something.

So what do you think of these?


Robyn said…
This was a great idea, Vivien and as a result of joining in, apart from the sketches I did specifically for your challenge, I found myself painting trees in landscapes all month.

Looking forward to following up all the links now.
vivien said…
that's great and I saw lots of them - they were beautiful :>) and you'll love some of the work
Maree said…
What a wonderful selection Vivien! They are all great. And thanks for having offered us this opportunity to brush up on our tree sketching. Looking forward to your next challenge!
Lindsay said…
Thanks for hosting this challenge Vivien. It was fun and I learned alot about painting trees.
Jean Spitzer said…
It was fun--and I also found myself painting trees. Your tree sketch is lovely.
dinahmow said…
Thankyou for your mammoth efforts (I know you are busy!)and thanks, too, for accepting Frankie's tree at "Our Nine Sketchbooks."
Now...more trees to see- bye...
vivien said…
Cathy Gatland said…
This was a great challenge, and certainly got me looking and thinking about trees and how different they all are - as well as sketching them, which will continue I'm sure!
Kelly Marszycki said…
Valerie -- Amazing works! Thanks for doing this challenge. I had forwarded my link but I suppose it got lost in the shuffle -- here it is again:
Gesa said…
Wow... what great list of tree studies - the challenge was very good. I wish I had had time for it (and Jeanette's one on rocks) but am in the middle of far too many far too crucial decisions and v little headspace for much else than watching with intrigue :)
Jeanette said…
This was the best way to tackle my fear of trees. Thank you for the challenge, it was great. And for taking the time to post all the links.
vivien said…
:>) it has been interesting

Kelly - sorry - am adding it right awsy
Julie Broom said…
Looking forward to having a look through all these :-). I just realised when I saw this post that I forgot to give you my link.
Looks great vivien, a great idea. I wanted to do more but got caught up in so many other things!
I LOVE this wispy willow you did, I can just see the breeze playing through the leaves!
Julie Broom said…
I've now had a chance to look through all the works and I have to say this is just the most fantastic collection of trees I've ever seen. Viewing these works, with the amount of diversity in styles,colour and medium has been a real pleasure. Thanks for running this challenge, Vivien :-).
vivien said…
it is a great collection I agree :>) I was so happy about the number of people who took part

Ronell you are extremely busy I know - Coin Perdu looks like heaven but very very hard work!

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